Vol 35, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Grape and wine phenolics: Observations and recent findings. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):107-120.
James A. Kennedy
Control of Oxalis latifolia: a review and proposals for its improvement. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):121-136.
Aritz Royo-Esnal, María Luisa López

Research Paper

Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTLs) using a multivariate approach. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):137-145.
Freddy Mora, Alexandra I. Santos, Carlos A. Scapim
Evolution of sunburn damage on ‘Granny Smith’ apples during storage. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):147-157.
Carolina Contreras, Juan Pablo Zoffoli, José Antonio Alcalde, Marlene Ayala
Screening of white rot fungal species for their capacity to degrade lindane and other isomers of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH). Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):159-167.
Juan C. Quintero, María T. Moreira, Gumersindo Feijoo, Juan M. Lema
Differentiated acceptance of transgenic foods of animal and vegetable origin in the Region of La Araucania, Chile. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):169-180.
Berta Schnettler, Oriana Sepúlveda, Danilo Ruiz
Application of the Chilean Official Standard to designate the botanical origins of honey for the characterization of the apicultural production. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):181-190.
Gloria Montenegro, Miguel Gómez, Javiera Díaz-Forestier, Rodrigo Pizarro


Physical and spectroscopic characterization of Pakistani honey. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):199-204.
Saif-ur Rehman, Zia Farooq Khan, Tahir Maqbool
Impact of odor signals on Cycloneda sanguinea (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) searching behavior. Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):205-210.
Guillermo E. Heit, Graciela Cohen, Graciela Mareggiani
Efficacy of chemical and biological strategies for controlling the soybean brown spot (Septoria glycines). Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):211-214.
Jorge D. Mantecón
Effect of a siliconate coadjuvant and insecticides in the control of mealybug of grapevines, Pseudococcus viburni (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae). Cien. Inv. Agr. 35(2):215-222.
Luis Sazo, Jaime E. Araya, José de la Cerda
Efecto del tamaño de trampas adhesivas amarillas para el muestreo de Frankliniella occidentalis en pimiento (Capsicum annum) en invernadero
Paola Carrizo