Vol 31, No 3 (2004)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Las Polillas de la Fruta en Chile
R. Ramírez, G. Montenegro

Research Paper

Factors influencing ultimate pH and dark cutting beef incidence in bovine carcasses.
A. Hargreaves, L. Barrales, I. Peña, R. Larraín, L. Zamorano
Long-term responses of magnesiumdeficient‘Shamouti’ orange trees to magnesium application.
Y. Erner, S. Shapchiski, M. Bazelet, B. Artzi, R. Lavon
Controlled deficit irrigation effects on berry growth and must and wine composition.
L. A. Gurovich, C. I. Páez
Certification of the botanical origin of honey and corbicular pollen from VI Region of Chile (Litueche).
R. Ramírez, G. Montenegro
Paratill effect on a Vertic Argiudol under continued no-tillage systems.
B.A. Bonel, J. Denoia, M. Costanzo, G. Giubileo, G. Zerpa

Research Notes

Animal protein and lysine balance in the Chilean diet.
M. Gandarillas, F. Bas, A. Hargreaves