Vol 36, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Sustainable Agriculture: Unifying Concepts.
Juan Gastó, Leonardo Vera, Lorena Vieli, René Montalba

Review Articles

Controlled release formulations of herbicides based on micro-encapsulation.
Fátima Sopeña, Celia Maqueda, Esmeralda Morillo

Research Paper

Estimation of soil erosionability in the stream basin of Pillahuinco Grande, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.
Fernanda J. Gaspari, Alfonso M. Rodríguez Vagaría, Gabriela E. Senisterra
Estimation of leaf area in pecan cultivars (Carya illinoinensis).
Silvana Irene Torri, Carla Descalzi, Enrique Frusso
Power demand of flail mower during field demolition of pineapple fields.
Jorge S. Pérez de Corcho Fuentes, Francesco Garbati Pegna, Ciro Iglesias Coronel, Francisco García Reina, Paolo Spugnoli
Effect of rainfall regimes on seed production and quality of Avena barbata.
Alfredo Olivares, Myrna Johnston, Carolina Calderón
Genetic divergence of parents and F2 segregation in grain amaranths.
Ram Milan Pandey
Early individual growth of Eucryphia cordifolia and Laurelia sempervirens planted under different competition conditions in south-central Chile.
Daniel Uteau, Pablo J. Donoso
Adoption of cleaner production practices by dairy farmers in southern Chile.
Laura Nahuelhual, María A. Engler, Bernardo Carrillo

Research Notes

New raw material for activated carbon. I. Methylene blue adsorption on activated carbon prepared from Khaya senegalensis fruits.
Casmir E. Gimba, Odike Ocholi, Peter A. Egwaikhide, Turoti Muyiwa, Emmanuel E. Akporhonor
Importance of potato late blight in Argentina, and the effect of fungicide treatments on yield increments over twenty years.
Jorge D. Mantecón
Discrete observations of the Helix aspersa land snails spatial distribution in an outdoor system.
Olga González, Gladys Pérez Camargo, Macarena Membiela, Diana Frezza, Norberto Bartoloni, Carlos Vieites