Vol 36, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Light-dependent regulation of carotenoid biosynthesis in plants.
Lorena Pizarro, Claudia Stange
The domestic pig (Sus scrofa domestica) as a model for evaluating nutritional and metabolic consequences of bariatric surgery practiced on morbid obese humans.
Mónica Gandarillas, Fernando Bas
Ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass.
Diana Abril, Alejandro Abril
Conservation of Brycon orbignyanus natural populations and stocks for their reproductive, genetic, environmental sustainability: A model for threatened species of extinction.
N. M. Lopera-Barrero

Research Paper

Usefulness of near infrared refl ectance (NIR) spectroscopy and chemometrics to discriminate between fi shmeal, meat meal and soya meal samples.
Daniel Cozzolino, Ernesto Restaino, Alejandro La Manna, Enrique Fernandez, Alberto Fassio
Biological vulnerability in the Elqui Valley (Coquimbo Region, Chile) to economically important arthropods.
Jaime Pizarro-Araya, Jorge Cepeda-Pizarro, Juan E. Barriga, Andrés Bodini
Proximal causes of genetic variation between and within populations of raulí (Nothofagus nervosa).
Basilio Carrasco, Maurice Garnier, Lafayette Eaton, Rafael Guevara, Margarita Carú
Importance of origin in rice purchasing decisions in Talca and Temuco, Chile.
Berta Schnettler, Danilo Ruiz, Oriana Sepúlveda, José Sepúlveda, Marianela Denegri
Nematicidal activity of leaves of common shrub and tree species from Southern Chile against Meloidogyne hapla.
Laura Böhm, Nolberto Arismendi, Luigi Ciampi
Effect of bulb weight on growth and fl owering of Herbertia lahue subsp. lahue (Iridaceae).
Pamela Morales, Flavia Schiappacasse, Patricio Peñailillo, Paola Yañez
Male sterility induced by the chemical hybridizing agent clofencet on wheat, Triticum aestivum and T. turgidum var. durum.
Patricio C. Parodi, María de los Angeles Gaju
Biological parameters of Cydnodromus picanus and Phytoseiulus persimilis raised on the carmine spider mite Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Acari: Phytoseiidae, Tetranychidae).
Víctor Tello, Robinson Vargas, Jaime Araya, Antonieta Cardemil
Control of potato early blight with triazole fungicide using preventive and curative spraying, or a forecasting system.
Jorge D. Mantecón