Vol 37, No 3 (2010)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Plant tissue culture: Current status, opportunities and challenges.
Rolando García-Gonzáles, Karla Quiroz, Basilio Carrasco, Peter Caligari

Research Paper

Influence of different plants substrates on development and reproduction for laboratory rearing of Pseudococcus calceolariae (Maskell) (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)
Tania Zaviezo, Elizabeth Cadena, M. Fernanda Flores, Jan Bergmann
Effects of autoclaving on the apparent digestibility coefficient of dehulled pea seed meal (Pisum sativum) in Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).
Adrián Hernández, Aliro Bórquez, Leonardo Alcaíno, Jorge Morales, Patricio Dantagnan, Patricio Saez
Region-level yield and area price elasticities for Chilean wheat incorporating climate variables.
Sergio González, William Foster
In vitro protein breakdown by enzyme extracts of rumen origin: comparison with methods in situ and proteases of Streptomyces griseus.
Alejandro Velásquez, Gastón Pichard
Mitigating effect of salicylic acid and nitrate on water relations and osmotic adjustment in maize, cv. Lluteño exposed to salinity.
Hugo Escobar, Richard Bustos, Felipe Fernández, Henry Cárcamo, Herman Silva, Nicolás Frank, Liliana Cardemil
Generalized composite interval mapping offers improved efficiency in the analysis of loci influencing non-normal continuous traits.
Freddy Mora, Carlos Alberto Scapim, Adam Baharum, Antonio Teixeira Amaral Júnior
Characterization of maize populations in different environmental conditions by means of Three-Mode Principal Components Analysis.
Marta Marticorena, Sergio Bramardi, Raquel Defacio
The influence of physical attributes on the price of land: the case of the province of Talca, Chile.
Javier L. Troncoso, Medardo Aguirre, Paula Manriquez, Varinia Labarra, Yony Ormazábal
Quantification and control of runoff and soil erosion on avocado orchards on ridges along steep-hillslopes.
Cristian Youlton, Paulina Espejo, Jaime Biggs, Marcela Norambuena, Marco Cisternas, Alexander Neaman, Eduardo Salgado

Research Notes

Inbreeding depression and genetic components in Brazilian populations of popcorn.
Emmanuel Arnhold, José Marcelo Soriano Viana, Freddy Mora, Glauco Vieira Miranda, Ricardo Gonçalves Silva
Toxicological effect from the stem cortex of the amazonic plant soapberry Paullinia clavigera (Sapindaceae) upon three arthropods.
Diana Pérez, José Iannacone, Harvey Pinedo
Harmonia axyridis in Chile: a new threat.
Audrey Grez, Tania Zaviezo, Guillermo González, Sergio Rothmann