Vol 42, No 1 (2015)

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Research Paper

Finishing strategies for steers based on pasture or silage plus grain and time on feed and their effects on beef quality
Rodrigo Morales, Julian Parga, Ignacio Subiabre, Carolina E. Realini
Available phosphorus in starter diets for meat-type quail
Renata Gomes de Oliveira, Sandra R. Freitas Pinheiro, Karen B. Goulart, Aldrin V. Pires, Frederico de C. Figueiredo, Karoll A. Alfonso Torres-Cordido
Evaluating orchard and poplar leaves during autumn as an alternative fodder source for livestock feeding
Suleyman Temel, Mucahit Pehluvan
Bioavailability of different methionine sources for broilers from 1 to 21 days old
Cleiton P. Sangali, Luís D. G. Bruno, Ricardo V. Nunes, Adhemar R. de Oliveira Neto, Paulo C. Pozza, Jefferson R. Henz, Franciele C. N. Giacobbo, Eveline Berwanger
Improvement in nutritional quality of fibrous food via in vitro digestion by Aspergillus niger
Alejandro Velásquez, Pierre-Guy Marnet, Rodrigo Arias
Nutritional value of Brachiarias and forage legumes in the humid tropics of Ecuador
Diana G. Balseca, Eugenia G. Cienfuegos, Hilda B. López, Hernán P. Guevara, Juan C. Martínez
RESEARCH PAPER Effect of feeding and housing systems on rumen properties and plasma metabolite stress indicators in autochthonous Spanish Ojalada sheep
José A. Miguel, José L. Calvo, Jesús Ciria, Begoña Asenjo
Performance of rice hybrids determined by different planting arrangements
Eduardo da S. Goulart, Luis O. Braga Schuch, Lilian V. Madruga de Tunes, Jucilayne F. Vieira
The rise and fall of Chanco cheese in Chile (1860-1930)
Pablo Lacoste, Amalia Castro, Diego Jiménez, Natalia Soto, Bibiana Rendón, Félix Briones
Determining response times for the deployment of terrestrial resources for fighting forest fires. A case study: Mediterranean – Chile
Miguel E. Castillo, Francisco Rodriguez y Silva

Research Notes

Response of wheat seeds to zinc application during storage
Elisa S. Lemes, Lilian M. de Tunes, Andreia da S. Almeida, Geri E. Meneghello, Sandro de Oliveira, Marlove F. B. Muniz

Review Articles

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