Sustaining agri-food systems framed using soil security and education

Damien Field


Soil security is an emerging multidisciplinary concept that provides a framework with the potential to support the sustainability of the agri-food sector while simultaneously supporting the other functions that soil provides. This framework considers the biophysical, economic, and social dimensions that impact this multifunctional system. Particular attention is given to describing the impact of the recent development in assessing the soil’s capacity and how it affects its function, assessed through its capability and condition. Progress in placing value on the functions of soil is explored, and the opportunity to increase connectivity between soil and end users is developed through multidisciplinary educational strategies. The perspectives provided here lead to a set of recommendations that will guide the development of future strategies, the pressing need for a set of measurable indicators, and the development of incentive schemes to secure the soil’s ability to support agrifood systems and its other ecosystem functions.


Natural capital, policy, reference state, social license, soil threats

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