Vinificación y Enología, basadas en competencias. Un manual para estudiantes y profesores de Educación Técnica, sobre el trabajo competente en bodegas de vino

Claudio Fredes Monsalve


This book summarizes the competencies of a wine cellar supervisor’s job, based on its egress pro- fi le. The learning outcomes and global competencies for the supervisor formation process defi ne the performance criteria for fi ve units of competency (UC): 1) manage the crop harvesting and white and red grape receiving 2) manage the white and red fermentation; 3) manage oak handling, clarifi cation and fi ltration activities; 4) control the bottling process; and the transversal competency, 5) control the food safety, quality assurance, record information, occupational health and safety and environmental requirements. The book begins doing a state of the art for competencybased education for the wine industry in Chile, discusses the defi nition of the egress profi le, and explains each UC. At the beginning of each UC, the work context and the performance criteria are displayed; thereafter, the knowledge is developed through questions and answers and fi nally, and each competency is demonstrated by pertinent photos and assessment criteria for the three knowledge dimensions (to be, to make and to know). Text synchronized with competency based teaching must be applied to secondary and tertiary education. The book is written for vocational education students and middle level winery managers who must comprehend how to be more competent through practical skills, and for university students who must apply theory to practice.

Editorial: Universidad Católica del Maule
Colección Tabor Nº 25 Talca, Chile
ISBN: Nº 978-956-7576-45-6
150 pages, photos
Date of Publishing: January, 2010
Available at: Centro de Extensión UC Maule, Talca

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